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Cargal Flexible Packaging has a proven record of technological excellence. Our production, control, monitoring and testing facilities are solely purchased from worldwide leading suppliers. These facilities ensure our products are of the highest quality as well as fully reproducible. Cargal Flexible Packaging's technical department supports all operation and production activity on a 24 hours basis.
Our printing department makes use of well known Cerutti and Carint presses to supply our customers with the highest quality achievable.
Our lamination substrates include BOPP, PET, PE, BOPA, BOPET, Metal and Paper.
In our lamination department, the newest "Triplex" laminating technology is already used as a standard. Our modern in-line laser devices support development and production of innovative packaging solutions such as the well-known "Easy Opening". New packaging technologies such as CAP (Controlled Atmosphere Packaging) and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) are offered to our customers as standards.