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Packaging Shrink Films

Packaging Shrink Films

Plasto Sac offers shrink films for numerous packaging applications. The films are available in a wide size range to fit specific needs.  

Our state-of the art production techniques and equipment and the high quality of our raw materials guarantee a consistent and repeatable shrinkage rate. 

Our shrink films fit the following applications: 

-          Soft drink bottles pack (2, 6, and 8, 1.5 L). 

-          Mineral water bottles pack. 

-          Soft drink cans pack. 

-          Metal cans pack for food  

-          Sugar, salt, rice, flour collation package. 


Our shrink films main benefits are: 

-          Excellent clarity.  

-          High gloss. 

-          High puncture resistance. 

-          High and constant COF. 

-          100% recyclable. 

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