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Plasto-Lid: films for laminated lids

Plasto-Lid: films for laminated lids

Plasto Sac has developed high quality films to be laminated on various substrates. 

These films exhibit low thickness tolerances, well controlled COF, consistent antistatic and antimist properties when needed and excellent optics. 


These multi layers films are designed for lamination in the following applications: 


-          Snacks 

-          Vacuum packaging 

-          Cosmetics 

-          Powders 

-          Wet wipes 

-          Stand-up pouches 

-          Frozen food 

-          Hot filling 

-          Pastries 

-          Pet food 


Plasto-Lid films are the right solution for easy-peel laminates to be applied on PE, PP, PET, PS and PVC trays and containers. 

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