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Automatic Packaging Films

Automatic Packaging Films

Plasto Sac offers monolayer and multilayer films for automatic packaging modern machines. 

Their main benefits by applications are as follows: 


-          Cereals Packaging: 

1.     Easy opening. 

2.     Freshness and crispness protection. 

3.     High packaging line speed. 

4.     Excellent hot tack. 


-          Milk and related products Packaging: 

1.     Excellent sealing properties. 

2.     High mechanical strength and impact. 

3.     High stiffness 

4.     High puncture resistance. 


-          Frozen food Packaging: 

1.     Excellent hot tack at low temperatures 

2.     High clarity and gloss. 

3.     Excellent printability. 

4.     Excellent machinability. 


-          Tissue and Toilet Paper Packaging: 

1.     High clarity and gloss. 

2.     Fast wrapping. 

3.     High puncture resistance. 

4.     Excellent sealability. 

5.     Excellent stiffness and strength balance. 


-          Newspapers and Magazines Packaging. 

1.     High Packaging line speed. 

2.     High slipping preventive COF. 

3.     Excellent sealability. 

4.     High clarity. 

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