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Paper-like Packaging and Films


Plasto Sac has recently launched a new product line: Paper-like Packaging and Films.

These Packaging and Films have been specifically tailored for the following packaging applications: Consumer Goods, Chemicals and Materials, Food and the like.


These films and packaging exhibit the following:

-          Paper-like look and feel. Aesthetic Matte look.

-          Excellent printability. Permanent and easy writing .

-          Full recyclability

-          Excellent processability on automatic packaging equipment.

-          Superior Mechanical Properties and Tear Resistance.

-          Superior Barrier Properties compared to Polyolefines: gases, water vapor.

-          Full light and radiation opacity.

-          Low Carbon Footprint.

-          High Mineral Content and low environmental impact.

-          Chemical Resistance.


Plasto Sac's "Paper Like" products are excellent substitutes to PE / Paper lamination films and are fully recyclable. These products may replace BOPP/PE and PET/PE laminates.